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Catering St. Houston, Texas, United States of America
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Our Story

Blazian Bites Story

Blazian Bites was conceived out of Raquel's profound love for cooking and her desire to share the unique blend of Asian and African culinary heritage. The name itself, a clever amalgamation of "Black" and "Asian," reflected Raquel's identity and the delightful cross-cultural journey she presented on each plate.

Raquel's story begins in the Philippines, where the vibrant tapestry of Asian flavors surrounded her early years. It was here that her love for cooking was first nurtured by none other than her mother. Through the aromatic kitchens of her childhood home, Raquel discovered the magic of combining spices, textures, and stories that made each meal a symphony of flavors.

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Award-Winning Dish

Filipino Pancit

" Spiced up a Pancit-Making Showdown and clinched the crown for making The Most Original Pancit! Basking in the camaraderie of fellow food enthusiasts, our shared passion for this flavorful dish filled me with pride for my Filipino heritage."

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As the Owner and Chef of Blazian Bites. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have supported me on this journey – our clients, our partners, and everyone who has had a taste of Blazian Bites. Your enthusiasm fuels my passion, and I'm excited for the chapters yet to come.

Sam Jhonson

Raquel Harris

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Catering St. Houston,
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Blazian Bites


  • Our only limit is your imagination.

    The Springs Event Venue

    Flavour so good you’ll try to eat with your eyes.

  • Flavour so good you’ll try to eat with your eyes.

    Classic Soul Food

    Flavour so good you’ll try to eat with your eyes.

  • Flavour so good you’ll try to eat with your eyes.

    The Springs Event Venue

    Serving up great memories.

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